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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yot \Yot\, v. t. To unite closely. [Prov. Eng.]


Etymology 1 n. The letter Ϳϳ, an uncommon variant of Jj used in Greek linguistics. Etymology 2

vb. (context dialectal English) To unite closely; fasten; rivet.


Yot or YOT may refer to:

  • Short I (Й й), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Yot (letter), an alternate name for the letter J j in context of Greek script
  • Yotvata Airfield in Israel (IATA Code: YOT)
  • Youth Offending Team (YOT), in England and Wales, that monitors young offenders
  • Youth of Today, a youth crew/hardcore punk band from Connecticut
  • Yotti language (ISO 639-3 code: yot)
  • Yot, Song Khwae, Nan Province, Thailand