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vb. (en-third-person singular of: york)

Usage examples of "yorks".

At the end of July 1759, Fort Niagara on New Yorks western frontier was captured by Sir William Johnson and his Iroquois allies, and the French bastions at Crown Point and Ticonderoga finally fell to Lord Amherst, which opened the way northward to the French provincial capital of Quebec.

The cook, a fat black, brow beaded with sweat, hums as he slaps New Yorks on a red hot grill.

While Lord Dunmore had been waging war against his former colony (and threatening Washingtons Mount Vernon estate), New Yorks ex-governor William Tryon, then living on a warship in New York harbor, was laying plans to blow up the city arsenals and murder Washington and his staff at his headquarters at Richmond Hill.

Marlene chose to snuggle up under a bush in Brooklyns fabled Prospect Park, unfortunately, and it was one of New Yorks Finest (not to mention chicken-est) who felt honor-bound to bust her, chiefly because he had been called on the carpet only that morning by his Captain for having been caught catnapping (with pillow and alarm clock) in the rear of a police ambulance.