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Yori, a Japanese word meaning 'reliable', may refer to:

  • Kubing, musical instrument
  • Yori, Tajikistan
  • Yori (Kim Possible), a martial artist in the 2002–2007 American animated series Kim Possible
  • Yori (kana), a ligature of two Japanese hiragana

It may also refer to:

  • Connie Yori (born 1963), American basketball coach
  • Yori, a character from the movie Tron, the software alter-ego of Dr. Laura Baines ( Cindy Morgan).
Yori (kana)

, read as yori, is a typographic ligature in the Japanese language, consisting of a combination of the hiragana graphs of (/yo/ ) and (/ri/ ), and thus represents their combined sound, より (/yori/ ) "from". It is drawn with two strokes. It is uncommon and found almost exclusively in vertical writing.