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n. (context Australian Aboriginal English) a woman, a girl

Usage examples of "yorga".

Like Yorga, she wore a skintight black bodysuit, only in her case, her arms were covered.

If there was such a thing as a king of the vampires, Yorga had to be it.

The woman who had come in with Yorga hissed at her and spun the razor flowers on her wrists into the fighting position.

She was probably quite as crazy as Yorga or any of the others, and she might not be on his side forever.

Ambassador Yorgas said that progress is being made, and he’s hopeful that the Deltans will accede to the Carreon’s reasonable demands.

One risked turning into a quivering mass of sexual idiocy in the presence of a Deltan, which was why Yorgas found them so despicable.

Still, even Yorgas had to admit that Tierra, at least, had a certain charm.