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Yorba may refer to:


  • Bernardo Yorba (1800–1858), native of Nueva California and the son of Spanish soldier, José Antonio Yorba
  • José Antonio Yorba (1743–1825), Spanish soldier and early settler of Spanish California


  • Hotel Yorba is the lead single from White Blood Cells, by Detroit (Michigan) garage rock band The White Stripes


  • Don Bernardo Yorba Ranchhouse, the most palatial adobe haciendas in all of Alta California
  • Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) is a public school district in Orange County, California
  • Rancho La Sierra (Yorba), 17,769-acre (71.91 km²) Mexican land grant in present-day Riverside County, California
  • Yorba Linda, California, affluent suburban community in northeastern Orange County, California
  • Yorba Linda Fault, Fault system that extends from North East Yorba Linda, California to the South Eastern portion of Chino Hills, California
  • Yorba Linda Firestorms, series of major wildfires in 2008 that originated in Corona, California
  • Yorba Linda Spotlight Theater, nonprofit theater organization for children and teenagers
  • Yorba Linda Water District, public agency responsible for water supply and quality for residents of Yorba Linda, California
  • Yorba Foundation, a non-profit software group based in San Francisco, known for developing Shotwell and Geary

Usage examples of "yorba".

Horace Naismith, who also ran the John Dillinger Died for You Society, Veterans of the Sexual Revolution, and the Colossus of Yorba Linda Foundation, was in it only for the money, sad to say, and had no time for such petty complaints.

Naismith himself, after a few token appearances, had avoided most of the merriment and retired to a private suite to work on his latest fund-raising letter for the Colossus of Yorba Linda Foundation.

The real bread was in the Colossus of Yorba Linda Foundation, which had been successfully raising money for several years to erect a heroic monument, in solid gold and ten feet taller than the statue of Liberty, honoring the martyred former president Richard Milhous Nixon.

From those residents, the Yorba Linda Police had received calls about screaming somewhere in this embryonic development.

Da questi residenti la polizia di Yorba Linda aveva ricevuto delle telefonate che avvertivano che si udivano delle grida in questo settore ancora embrionale.