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Yoram ( or ) is a name derived from Jehoram , meaning " Jehovah is exalted" in Biblical Hebrew, which was the name of several individuals in the Tanakh; the female version of this name is Athaliah.

Yoram may refer to:

  • Yoram Aridor (born 1933), former right-wing Israeli politician, Knesset member and minister
  • Yoram Barzel (born 1931), Israeli economist and a professor of economics at the University of Washington
  • Yoram Bauman (born 1973), American economist and stand-up comedian
  • Yoram Chaiter (born 1964), physician, cancer researcher and bass singer
  • Yoram Danziger (born 1953), Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel, appointed to the Court in 2007
  • Yoram Dori (born 1950), strategic advisor to Shimon Peres when the latter was President of Israel
  • Yoram Globus (born 1941), Israeli director and producer, most famous for his association with Cannon Films Inc
  • Yoram Gross (born 1926), Australian producer of children's and family entertainment
  • Yoram Hazony (born 1964), Israeli scholar and founder of Shalem College in Jerusalem
  • Yoram Ish-Hurwitz (born 1968), Dutch pianist of Israeli origin
  • Yoram Kaniuk (born 1930), Israeli writer, painter, journalist, and theater critic
  • Yoram Marciano (born 1964), Israeli Labor politician
  • Yoram Moses, 1997 Gödel laureate and Associate Professor at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
  • Yoram Schweitzer ( 1980s onwards), Senior Research Fellow at Israel's Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)