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Etymology 1 n. a person employed under the ''Youth Opportunities Programme'' in Britain in the 1980s. Etymology 2

a. pliable, soft interj. (cx lang=en colloquial informal) affirmative


YOP may refer to:

  • Rainbow Lake Airport
  • Youth Opportunities Programme

Usage examples of "yop".

Chin Yop, the minder sent to accompany him through Moscow, snored loudly in the bunk a few feet away.

He turned back to Chin Yop, said something indecipherable, then switched to English.

Chin Yop did, in fact, smoke: He had a box of Marlboros that he had picked up near the hostel in his pocket.

Chin Yop was undoubtedly being paid an allowance, and thus any savings on meals would go into his pocket.

From the looks of his thin wrists and neck, Chin Yop did not fare much better.