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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I thought they must all have been pulled down yonks ago.
▪ In desperation I sometimes reverted to tuning step-by-step by harmonics, something I haven't done for yonks.
▪ Mum took us there yonks ago.
▪ Of course, that was yonks ago, and hardly any of the original characters are still around.

n. (context UK Australian New Zealand English) A long time (especially a longer time than expected); ages

Usage examples of "yonks".

S-forms wi Hibs yonks ago, but naebody hud offered Billy any contract.

No too soft, no too hard, like Terry once said ootside the chippy yonks ago.

Sad, but it wis yonks ago now, n eh wants tae try n screw the nut a bit.

Some nights he used to sit with us, when we had a fire, and blather on about yonks ago.