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Yongjoosa is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It is located in on the slopes of Hwasan in Taean-eup, Hwaseong, in the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea. The temple's name means "dragon jewel temple."

Two large bells in the temple are believed to date to the Unified Silla period. One of them, the " Bell of Yongjoosa", is designated national treasure 120.

The temple was initially established in 854 AD, under the name Garyangsa. It was expanded in the 10th century. It was rebuilt in the late 18th century under the orders of Jeongjo in honor of his deceased father, Prince Sado. This is one of few cases where the Joseon royal house supported Buddhism directly. At this time the temple changed to its current name.

The temple is located near Seoul Subway Line 1, and is also connected to Suwon by intercity bus.