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Usage examples of "yone".

The cycle is mostpronounced in the higher level channels such as Yone Farris.

Livya Jeter dragged herself away from the limb overwhich Yone had half-fallen, and white with shock, she managedto struggle to her feet.

Livya wondered if Yone would be able to recharge the selynbatteries for them.

Twice, Yone had saved them fromlosses, once wrestling a toddler from the very jaws of a cat-likehunter.

Gen left the tent, Yone wilted back onto his blankets andlay gasping, wracked with spasms that brought tears to his eyes.

Between compresses, she mixed a broth of powders andcrushed tablets and made Yone drink it between seizures.

Justwhen Livya was about to turn away, embarrassed, Yone shudderedand rolled free.

Livya, recalling her resolveto slip away unnoticed, scurried around behind the boulder wherethe mass of rock would insulate Yone from her, As she moved, sheheard muttered goodnights from the tent, and then footsteps, afew words with a perimeter guard, and silence.

Abdalla Yones, a Kurdish Muslim living in London, admitted slitting the throat of Heshu, his own 16-year-old daughter, and stabbing her eleven times.