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n. (context Royal Marines military slang English) A long-distance march carrying full kit. vb. To make a strenuous long-distance march.


Yomp is Royal Marines slang describing a long-distance march carrying full kit. The origin of the word is unclear (one suggestion would interpret it as an acronym of Your Own Marching Pace). It was popularized by journalistic coverage in 1982 during the Falklands War. "Yomp" has been compared to the term yump used in rally-driving in the sense of "to leave the ground when taking a crest at speed", apparently a variant of jump.

The most famous yomp of recent times was during the 1982 Falklands War. After disembarking from ships at San Carlos on East Falkland, on 21 May 1982, Royal Marines and members of the Parachute Regiment yomped (and tabbed) with their equipment across the islands, covering in three days carrying loads.

Yomp (disambiguation)

Yomp may refer to:

  • Yomp, a Royal Marine term for a long-distance march with full kit
  • "Yomp", a song by thenewno2 from You Are Here
  • Yomp, a 1983 videogame by Virgin Games, Inc.

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Usage examples of "yomp".

I’ll sort something to do the job if you promise me not to go yomping off on some half-arsed crusade without me.

He yomped from San Carlos to Tumbledown, was wounded in a botched attack on an Argentinian position and awarded a DSO.