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a. Of, pertaining to, or having the characteristics of yolk.

Usage examples of "yolky".

Standing in the bows and looking west, it was possible to view a stretch of yolky water and weeds virtually bare of flotsam.

The closed portion hung pale and unblinking, a torn drape behind which the yolky bloodshot eyeball would intermittently disappear.

The egg merchant came around the front of his stall, to stoop and gather the few unbroken eggs and the yolky baskets.

After losing the yolky look of the afternoon, the sunlight had muted itself to a dispersed, fleeting shade of yellow that struck Mark Underhill with the force of a strong fragrance or a rich chord from a guitar.

Oliver dragged him the few feet to where pale, yolky light from a distant hallway lantern puddled on the frayed edge of an ornate rug.

Her efforts were hampered by the flow of yolky fluid from his broken flesh, which gummed everything up.