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A Yole is a clinker built boat that was used for fishing particularly in the north of Scotland. The best known of these is the Orkney Yole. They were rigged for sail or used as rowing boats. The Yole is of a Nordic design and closely related in shape to the Shetland Yoal and Sgoth Niseach of the Outer Hebrides.

Usage examples of "yole".

The crowd in the courtyard below cheered wildly: the Duke of Yole and his advisors must have come out of the palace to tell his people of the victory that rumor had already proclaimed.

The other part, the rumor that in a few months the Duke of Yole would have consolidated his position as the new King of the Isles.

Tenoctris the hats and caps and bonnets of the citizenry of Yole solidly filled the courtyard.

A week ago the people of Yole would have jeered their duke except for fear of the soldiers quartered throughout the city.

Hooded One had used his violet wand to stir the mud of a pool in one of the gardens here in Yole, working sympathetic magic.

Did none of them feel the planes of force shifting, bearing now on Yole rather than on some stretch of empty seabed?

It sank thousands of years before Yole did, and perhaps thousands of times as many years earlier.

Torrents thundered from the doorways and windows of Yole, spilling in echoing gouts along the broad streets that led to the harbor.

I was snatched away from Yole during the cataclysm, so I have no personal knowledge of what else might have happened at the same time.

Garric had imagined a cavalry charge would resemble a horse race, but the squadrons advancing behind the crab banner of Yole started at a walk and built speed slowly.

One of them gave a shout and hurled the first of his three javelins toward the Yole cavalry.

Garric saw the Yole horsemen loom above the infantry the way the surf curls when it reaches the shore.

Garric saw a Yole champion trying to swing his long sword despite the spear protruding from the gorget around his throat.

Some had even picked up missiles from the volleys thrown into the beginnings of the Yole charge.

On either side of the street were houses where wealthy citizens had lived in the days when Yole itself lived.