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n. (context US slang California English) cocaine


Yola may refer to:

  • Forth and Bargy dialect, extinct language of County Wexford, Ireland
  • Yola (album), album by Eleanor McEvoy
  • Yola, Nigeria, capital of Adamawa State
  • Yola Airport, airport in the Adamawa State of Nigeria.
  • Yowla, folk dance native to the United Arab Emirates
  • Jola people, of Africa
  • Yawl, sailing ship (Spanish: yola)
  • Yola (webhost), a webhosting company
  • Yola (genus), a genus of beetles
Yola (album)

Yola is Eleanor McEvoy's fourth studio album, and her first album on her own label, Moscodisc. Yola proved to be a turning point in McEvoy's musical direction. Stripped-back, acoustic tracks reflect McEvoy's new approach to recording and performing. McEvoy produced Yola with pianist Brian Connor.

Yola (webhost)

Yola is a website builder and website hosting company headquartered in San Francisco. People without programming and graphic design skills can make web sites using Yola. Its drag and drop system allows users to incorporate widgets without knowing HTML. Yola also integrates e-commerce and blog software and acts as a domain registrar. It competes with other web hosting and creation such as Wix, Weebly, Jimdo and Webs.

Yola (genus)

Yola is a genus of beetles in the family Dytiscidae, containing the following species:

  • Yola alluaudi Peschet, 1925
  • Yola babaulti Peschet, 1921
  • Yola bertrandi Guignot, 1952
  • Yola bicarinata (Latreille, 1804)
  • Yola bicostata Zimmermann, 1926
  • Yola bicristata (Sharp, 1882)
  • Yola bistroemi Rocchi, 2000
  • Yola buettikeri Brancucci, 1985
  • Yola consanguinea (Régimbart, 1892)
  • Yola costipennis (Fairmaire, 1869)
  • Yola counselli Biström, 1991
  • Yola cuspis Bilardo & Pederzani, 1978
  • Yola darfurensis J.Balfour-Browne, 1947
  • Yola deviata Biström, 1987
  • Yola dilatata Régimbart, 1906
  • Yola dohrni (Sharp, 1882)
  • Yola endroedyi Biström, 1983
  • Yola enigmatica Omer-Cooper, 1954
  • Yola ferruginea Biström, 1987
  • Yola fluviatica Guignot, 1952
  • Yola frontalis Régimbart, 1906
  • Yola gabonica Biström, 1983
  • Yola grandicollis Peschet, 1921
  • Yola indica Biström, 1983
  • Yola intermedia Biström, 1983
  • Yola kivuana Guignot, 1958
  • Yola marginata Biström, 1983
  • Yola mocquerysi (Régimbart, 1894)
  • Yola natalensis (Régimbart, 1894)
  • Yola nigrosignata Régimbart, 1895
  • Yola nilgiricus Biström, 1983
  • Yola ocris Guignot, 1953
  • Yola panelii Biström, 1982
  • Yola peringueyi Guignot, 1942
  • Yola pinheyi Biström, 1983
  • Yola porcata (Klug, 1834)
  • Yola senegalensis Régimbart, 1895
  • Yola simulantis Omer-Cooper, 1965
  • Yola subcostata Bilardo & Rocchi, 1999
  • Yola subopaca Régimbart, 1895
  • Yola swierstrai Gschwendtner, 1935
  • Yola tschoffeni Régimbart, 1895
  • Yola tuberculata Régimbart, 1895
  • Yola wraniki Wewalka, 2004

Usage examples of "yola".

Yola, bitten by the drama bug, joined the relevant actor's union: Commercial Representatives Organization, Advertising, "K" district, better known acronymically as CROAK.

No, Yola, I'm not walking into that farm and find I have to answer questions like what I am doing there, and what are those two horses in the barn, with Moviemaker and Centigrade's registrations tattooed inside their lips?