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Yokosuka (disambiguation)

Yokosuka, Kanagawa is a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Yokosuka may also refer to:

Usage examples of "yokosuka".

Every day he did a strenuous physical workout that at home port at Yokosuka was directed by his sensei.

Intelligence Unit at Yokosuka, Japan, indicating a FLASH-priority message was incoming on the ready circuit from the Pentagon.

So far as the traffic Woodmark had seen coming through operations indicated, the brass was looking for the Samisho, which had left Yokosuka ten days ago.

Clearing the tip of the peninsula to the west, they suddenly saw the naval vessels docked at Yokosuka in the distance.

From his modest home near the Maritime Self Defense Force Academy overlooking the city of Yokosuka and the lower reaches of Tokyo Bay, Lieutenant Commander Kiyoda could see the Samisho at her berth.

Like Kamakura and Yokohama, which were part of the Tokyo megalopolis a few miles north, Yokosuka had been one of the port cities where the British and others seeking trade with Japan were isolated so as not to contaminate the purity of Nippon.

Reid watched the CNN bulletin and then the follow-up reports on the killings and the riot in Yokosuka, he could hardly believe his good fortune.

From where he sat, Kiyoda could see the Yokosuka harbor, the Samisho, still at her berth, still bathed in harsh lights, still guarded around the clock.

The Samisho was still lost in darkness, while all around her the city of Yokosuka sparkled and lived.

It ordered the Thorn, which was 250 nautical miles south of Tokyo Bay, inbound for Yokosuka, to intercept the Yuushio-class MSDF submarine Samisho, submerged and possibly heading south.

An electronic map showed an area twelve hundred miles in diameter with Yokosuka at the center and Okinawa at the extreme south.

If Seventh Fleet Intelligence was any good it would have informed its ships at sea that the Samisho had slipped out of Yokosuka with its captain and -full stores aboard.

The weather over Yokosuka was gray overcast, windy, and chilly, which suited the dark mood of Seventh Fleet Commander-in-Chief Vice Admiral Albert Ryland.

Japanese Self Defense Force destroyer DD118 Murakumo was on full alert at her Yokosuka berth.

Except in the case of the Samisho, which Escort Fleet Command at Yokosuka claims it is trying to contact for recall.