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Yoko (name)

Yoko, sometimes spelled as Yōko or Yohko is a Japanese given name.

Yoko (album)

Yoko is Beulah's final album, released on Velocette Records in 2003. For the album, the band toned down the happy melodic horn tones of their last album, The Coast Is Never Clear, in favor of a darker approach.

Before its release in September, the album appeared on the internet on July 4, 2003, due to an advance copy being leaked. To counteract this, the band, along with Velocette and Insound, offered a limited edition EP burned onto CD-R, which included demos and alternate versions of songs from Yoko. This EP was limited to 200 copies and was called Rarities, Demos & Besides.

Also released after the initial release of Yoko was a new version only sold on the Yoko tour and at independent record stores called Demo. It was an unmastered, unmixed copy of Yoko as recorded in the homes of band members Miles Kurosky and Bill Swan. The album was produced in limited numbers by Velocette.


Yoko, Yōko or Yohko may refer to:

  • Yoko (name), a Japanese name
  • Madam Yoko, Mende leader
Yoko (Flight of the Conchords)

"Yoko" is the fourth episode of the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords. It first aired in the United States on Sunday, July 8, 2007.

This episode received an Emmy Award nomination in 2008 for "Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series".