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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And then we could have dances - grown-up ones, for the yokels and their sweethearts.
▪ Nature alone can not influence an unschooled yokel.
▪ The place looked clean and secure, the yokels doltish but harmless.
▪ Who but Ashton would have thought of giving this country yokel so delicate a movement?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yokel \Yo"kel\, n. [Perhaps from an AS. word akin to E. gawk.] A country bumpkin. [Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1812, perhaps from dialectal German Jokel, disparaging name for a farmer, originally diminutive of Jakob. Or perhaps from English yokel, dialectal name for "woodpecker."


n. 1 (context pejorative English) An unsophisticated person. 2 A person of rural background.


n. not very intelligent or interested in culture [syn: rube, hick, yahoo, hayseed, bumpkin, chawbacon]


Yokel is one of several derogatory terms referring to the stereotype of unsophisticated country people.

Usage examples of "yokel".

The population was derived almost wholly from the agriculturists of the old order, and since agriculture had been considered a sluggish and base occupation, fit only for sluggish natures, the planet was now peopled with yokels.

However, a friendly yokel gave me a lift out to Billabong in a very dirty and springless buggy, so that the mistake was not a fatal one, though it gave me a very uncomfortable drive.

The clincher was, no one would ever find me in this teeming rabbit hole of London, no Wimbarton or his yokel ruffians, and the mountebank, sweet providence, is dead.

These foreign prints are trustless as Cheap Jack Dumfounding yokels at a country fair.

He and Izzy had decided that was the safest disguise for him, a mountain yokel on the far edges of Aramaic country.

Another oafish Irish shearer, or a clodhopping yokel from some Wahine dairy farm?

Edge thought the glittery top showed off her handsome bosom just fine, but the skirt might deprive the yokels of some of their Peeping Tom pleasure.

Then he goes hedgehopping about the country, making one-night stands, collecting nickels and dimes from the yokels.

THE HARBINGER Long before the springtide is felt in the dull bosom of the yokel does the city man know that the grassgreen goddess is upon her throne.

As soon as construction began on Anaxagoras Base, however, she had been drafted as the house expert on the local yokels and shipped to the Moon.

Akor-Neb methods of recovering memories of past reincarnations, she began refining and developing them more than the local yokels had been able to do in the past thousand years.

While other men rode trains or chugged around the earth in Model-Ts, barnstorming pilots toured the nation with spectacular "aviation shows," dazzling the yokels at a million county fairs.

That dickheaded Yokel reporter had picked a great time to blind her with his camera light.

Sam Aylward's voice had a slow south-country accent from deepest rural Hampshire, a yokel burr as thick and English as clotted cream.

It was no longer necessary to send out dirty yokels in coonskin caps to chart the wilderness, kill the abos, and clear-cut the groves.