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is a thick, jellied dessert made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar. It is usually sold in a block form, and eaten in slices. There are two main types: neri yōkan and mizu yōkan. "Mizu" means "water", and indicates that it is made with more water than usual. Mizu yōkan is often chilled and eaten in summer.

Yokan (song)

( presentiment) is a single released by Dir En Grey on July 14, 1999. The second track is a remixed version of their previous single, " Cage". It was used as the drama Woman Doctor's ending theme song.

Yokan (album)

is the tenth studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Miyuki Nakajima, released in March 1983.

In addition to the songwriting and produce for the entire album, she also participated in arrangement for the first time, except five songs which were arranged by Takayuki Inoue and featured in the latter half of the LP.

The final track on Hunch became one of fan favorites for years, though none of the contents were released as a single when the album came out. "Fight" later appeared as a double A-Side of a chart topper single "Between the Sky and You", released in 1994 and sold over a million copies. The song which became well-known because of commercial success of a single has been covered several times, interpreted by artists such as Takuro Yoshida, Noriyuki Makihara and Masaharu Fukuyama .

Hunch debuted at the number-one on the Japanese Oricon and retained the position for 3 weeks, but quickly fell off the chart compared to its predecessors that likewise reached the top.