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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang, "gentile, non-Jew," pejorative, 1920, from Yiddish, where it is back slang, a reversed and altered form of goy.


n. (context pejorative English) A non-Jew; a Gentile.

  • Sai Yok (disambiguation), several meanings
  • see Yok-Utian languages
  • Yok weaving technique, see Thai-style dresses
  • Yok, a Turkish copula, negation of "to be"
  • YÖK ( YOK), an abbreviation for the Commission for Higher Education, Turkey
  • Yok (יוק in Hebrew) is a Yiddish word that has entered English to refer to a non-Jewish boy or man. Similarly, Yaikultie refers to a non-Jewish girl or man.
  • Yok Thai Language , Jade, a nickname for a girl

Usage examples of "yok".

Ever since Yok she had been unable to see landlubber swordsmen in groups without those shiverings.

The blood is expertly drained off to be collected into a bucket to make black pudding and the body is systematically dismembered following being pumped with Yoker semen and that night in the trendy West End eating house the unsuspecting Weedgies sit spraffing unaware that instead of feasting on their usual dead rats they are munching the remains of Lloyd A.

He skimmed through one copy of the document, signed it, and was reaching for the other from Yokim Sarns when he suddenly thought to wonder how the armistice terms could be ready now when he’d only agreed to them moments before.

Yokim Sarns, whose privilege it was to speak first, said, “I didn’t think it would be that easy.