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They were an indigenous people, and called themselves the bandar yoi inoie, which meant the forest folk.

Although they lived freely in the forests, the bandar yoi inoie were slaves of a Shaped bloodline, the Mighty People.

He was a strong man, ugly even by the standards of the bandar yoi inoie.

He had learned that this was the traditional challenge amongst the bandar yoi inoie, who decided their social status and won their husbands and wives by their ability to tell tales.

He set the rice on a leaf to dry, and when the rat discovered what Yoi Soi had done, it swore angrily that in revenge his children would always steal a portion of the food of men.

The banana plants fluttered their long green leaves and asked Yoi Soi if he would ask the wind to restore the limbs they had lost in the great flood, so that they could once more embrace the air.

When Yoi Soi promised this, hands of red bananas dropped around him and he ate well and went on to the high place of bare rock where the wind lived.

Rice would feed many kinds of men, but would never feed the children of Yoi Soi.

And if you think that I have forgotten the poor banana plants, then remember that Yoi Soi was not given magical powers, and he could do nothing for them.

The bandar yoi inoie did not mourn the destruction of the lowland forests.

The bandar yoi inoie had many stories about the strange and fabulous creatures which lived in the lowland and hill forests.

The bandar yoi inoie had stories about the strange races of men which lived in the lowland forests too.

Its smooth gray bark was split and scarred in several places, and Yoi Sendar pointed to the creature which could be glimpsed moving about inside.

Its long scarlet tongue snaked across the trampled ground and Yoi Sendar ran forward and pinned it with a stake.

Yama had forgotten that the bandar yoi inoie were in thrall to the Mighty People, but two days later they finally reached the valley where the Mighty People lived, and he saw how bad things were for their slaves.