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a. Of or pertaining to yoga


adj. of or relating to yoga; "yogic exercises" [syn: yogistic]

Usage examples of "yogic".

The early yogic schools had taken the Gnostic or purely Ascending solution: the dissolution of all Form in pure unmanifest Emptiness or absorption, the extinction of samsara in nirvana.

It is not like the other yogic systems where you get some touch of the Higher Reality and leave the rest untransformed.

But suppose I bring the yogic force into play and am able to overcome the law of gravitation, that is, bring about levitation, then is it not breaking the absolute law ?

As one develops the yogic life these two movements approach each other and in the Supermind they are two aspects of the same Truth.

In yogic practice also an electrical phenomenon generally occurs And when the Power descends some sort of electrical vibrations take place in the physical system.

There is a stage in Yogic advance when the least negligence would not do.

We hear that great Siddhas used to cure the sickness of others by mere touch, Ramakrishna gave even yogic experience by a touch.

Without needing to be told, they prostrated themselves at his feet to receive his ashirwaad, then sat facing him in the cross-legged lotus posture, the traditional yogic stance of shishyas receiving vidya from their guru.

Lord Siva would have maintained his yogic trance until the sun itself grew red and weak and the planets crumbled away to dust.

Sati, in her new avatar as Parvati, waited patiently for many thousands of our years in the grove where her lord sat meditating, gathering his favorite flowers and dressing her hair with their scented blossoms, and doing all she could to rouse him from his yogic trance.

What is the difference between a psychotic or LSD experience and a yogic, or a mystical?

He fell into the unique pattern of yogic running that had been perfected by the teachers of the brotherhood.

This is why the highest yogic paths insist on a reverence and respect for life.

In yogic writings, this Universal Mind is spoken of as Brahmanda, whose power or lord is known as Brahm or Kal.

Vedas and other yogic writings, that the Universal Mind is called Brahm.