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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The brothers kept right on yodelling.
▪ It was almost like a yodel.
▪ Suddenly through the howling gale he heard a yodel from below.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yodel \Yo"del\, Yodle \Yo"dle\, v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Yodeled, Yodled; p. pr. & vb. n. Yodeling, Yodling.] To sing in a manner common among the Swiss and Tyrolese mountaineers, by suddenly changing from the head voice, or falsetto, to the chest voice, and the contrary; to warble.


Yodel \Yo"del\, Yodle \Yo"dle\, n. A song sung by yodeling, as by the Swiss mountaineers.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"sing by sudden changing to and from falsetto," 1827, from German jodeln, from dialectal German jo, an exclamation of joy, of imitative origin. As a noun from 1849.


n. Such a song. vb. (context transitive and intransitive English) To sing (a song) in such a way that the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and falsetto.

  1. n. a songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto

  2. v. sing by changing register; sing by yodeling; "The Austrians were yodeling in the mountains" [syn: warble, descant]

  3. [also: yodelling, yodelled]

Yodel (company)

Yodel is a delivery service company in the United Kingdom. It was formed by the 2010 acquisition of the UK domestic business of DHL by Home Delivery Network. The combined business, known as HDNL, was rebranded as Yodel in May 2010. It is privately owned by the billionaire Barclay Brothers.

Usage examples of "yodel".

Claret sat astraddle the bench, blocking Moll from view, and commenced a yodeling moan.

Beverly had already left, and even with the door closed Charlotte could hear others on the floor yodeling cheery good-byes and rolling their wheelie suitcases down the hall as the great Thanksgiving exodus began.

The Swiss pointed to his head offices outside Geneva, not five kilometres from where the World Wide Web itself had been devised and declared Cotter to be Swisser than a yodel.

They are fucking their cellos with their fingers, stroking music out, promising the ghost yodels and Patsy Cline and funeral marches and whole cities of music and music to eat and music to drink and music to put on and wear like clothes.

These hopeless clamorings, he knew (from books), were just the final or penultimate yodels of his DNA: of his selfish genes, craving propagation before they died.

You'll yodel like a Swiss accordion player until your voice stabilizes.

A black-backed gull swooped overhead, and its yelping, yodelling cry faded into the wind, a long laugh ending in a husky croak.

It was loaded down with two double cheeseburgers, large fries, two chocolate milks, a bowl of chili, a bag of Doritos, a salad with French dressing, a pack of Yodels, an apple, and a large Coke.

Every so often, all the headlines he'd ever composed would scroll through his consciousness one after another, like a demonic Dow Jones ticker, causing Sinclair to yodel alliteratively.

The golliwogs controlled it with ropes and yodeled melodiously for right-of-way.

Sometimes humans hit on a moment of profundity more complete than their dim minds could comprehend, and they took that nugget of truth and dumped it in the refuse for the bards and the poets to find, and mangle into yodeling paeans to love.

Then she stomped her way up the long side of the field, sometimes running and jumping down as hard as she could on landing, yelling and yodelling as she stamped until she reached the upper boundary.

I snooped around a little while Clarin yodeled down a canyon to draw them off.

Some of the troupe climbed to the tops of peaks and yodeled into the night, while all those below opened their ears wide, listening.

Not far off in the trees someone saw her and young voices yodeled a paean of anticipation.