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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yode \Yode\, obs. imp. of Go. [OE. yode, yede, [yogh]ede, [yogh]eode, eode, AS. e['o]de, used as the imp. of g[=a]n to go; akin to Goth. iddja I, he, went, L. ire to go, Gr. 'ie`nai, Skr. i, y[=a]. [root]4. Cf. Issue.] Went; walked; proceeded. [Written also yede.] See Yede.

Quer [whether] they rade [rode] or yode.
--Cursor Mundi.

Then into Cornhill anon I yode.


alt. (en-simple past of: go); went. vb. (en-simple past of: go); went.

Usage examples of "yode".

Fair brother, I left him asleep when that I from him yode, under an apple-tree, and what is become of him I cannot tell you.

And when the king was alighted off his horse he yode straight unto Sir Launcelot's chamber and there he found his daughter, and then the king embraced Sir Launcelot in his arms, and either made other good cheer.

And when Sir Launcelot had done this, he yode unto the damosel and said, Damosel, I am ready to go with you where ye will have me, but I have no horse.

And then they yode both on foot to them, and bade them yield them, and tell their names outher they should die.

Anon as the king wist that, he took the queen in his hand, and yode unto Sir Launcelot, and said: Sir, grant mercy of your great travail that ye have had this day for me and for my queen.