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YoCrunch is a yogurt manufacturer and the creator of yogurt packaged together with crunchy mix-in toppings.

Their dome-topped cups come with yogurt flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and cookies n cream, and mix-ins like M&M's Chocolate Candies, Nestle Crunch candy, Reese's Pieces candy, Oreo cookie pieces, Butterfinger candy, and granola. YoCrunch introduced the YoCrunch Fruit Parfait line in 2010, and the YoCrunch Greek and Greek Parfait lines in 2011. In 2014, YoCrunch introduced the YOPA! line of miniature low-calorie Greek yogurts with M&M's and Dove (chocolate) chocolate toppings.

YoCrunch is currently sold across the United States in six- ounce (170 g) cups and 4-ounce multipacks. It is manufactured in Naugatuck, Connecticut.