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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A dozen yobs stood outside the pub.
▪ Our TV screens have been taken over by so-called yob culture.
▪ Residents complained that yobs had been vandalizing their gardens.
▪ He's just a yob, right?
▪ In the worst incident, 300 yobs showered police with broken bottles and bricks then looted shops in the centre of Coventry.
▪ It was all pleasantly noisy without any air of aggression, there were no yobs or self-styled hard men among the customers.
▪ Martin, growling savagely at the yobs, daring them to interfere.
▪ Most people, when they hear screaming, either think it is a gang of yobs or quarrelling lovers.
▪ She might be with that red-headed yob.
▪ Was this the yob who had planted the cannabis?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a youth," 1859, British English, back-slang from boy. By 1930s with overtones of "hooligan, lout." Related: extended form yobbo.


n. (context pejorative chiefly British Australia NZ slang English) A person who engages in antisocial behavior/behaviour and/or drunkenness.


n. a cruel and brutal fellow [syn: bully, tough, hooligan, ruffian, roughneck, rowdy, yobo, yobbo]


Yob, yobbo, yobs, or variants thereof may refer to:

Yob (slang)

Yob is a slang word used in the United Kingdom. The term denotes a loutish, uncultured person, and is published in dictionaries in the United Kingdom. In Australia and New Zealand, the word yobbo is more frequently used, with a similar although slightly less negative meaning.

Yob (band)

YOB is a doom metal band from Eugene, Oregon, composed of Aaron Rieseberg, Travis Foster and Mike Scheidt.

YOB was founded by the vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt in 1996. The original YOB was Scheidt with bass guitarist Lowell Iles and drummer Greg Ocon. However, by 2001 when the band's first album, Elaborations of Carbon, was recorded, the members were Scheidt, bass guitarist Isamu Sato (previously with the death metal band Thrombus) and Gabe Morley, the former drummer of Lightweight. Sato also operates H.C. Minds and Morley plays with Fingertrap.

Usage examples of "yob".

Me, I lolloped and leapt for my life at the other end, 200 pounds of yob genes, booze, snout and fast food, ten years older, charred and choked on heavy fuel, with no more to offer than my block drive and backhand chip.

Tynan again, strangely enough, and this time telling those yobs just how bad crime had gotten here in Dublin with the frigging jackals and hyenas and wolves doing their own take on the Celtic Tiger rigamarole?

She sead she Wood help Me get the Girls out and back to England so I gave ana a PHON number the nex day ana Rang Me and sed Rena had gon out with the yobs.

Perhaps the yobs had beaten him senseless, thought Andrew, with mean satisfaction.

A gang of long-haired yobs had set forth late one Saturday afternoon in fine English wrath, determined to vent their resentment over the conquest of the Earth by doing a lively spot of Paki-bashing in the town streets, and they had encountered Khalid escorting Aissha home from the market.

Of course the first mass evictions and the sight of their daughter on the news being carried away by policemen was rather a shock, but still, better a bobby manhandling her than some dreadful yob who rode a motorbike and washed his jeans in urine.

Likewise, there was an insistent repetition of a name which sounded like Tog, Tiok, Yog, Zob, or Yob, and which my more and more excited consciousness involuntarily linked with the name of the hapless heretic T'yog as given in the Black Book.