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Yn is an archaic Cyrillic letter. It looks like the Cyrillic letter Psi turned upside down.

It was used in the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet, where it represented the sounds , , and at the beginning of words. In the modern Romanian alphabet it is replaced by , , or .

Yn (disambiguation)

YN, Y.N., or Yn may refer to:

  • Yn , a letter of the old Romanian Cyrillic alphabet
  • yn, a word in the Welsh language for "in"
  • Yeoman rank
  • Triple bond in a chemical compound
  • Y.N. Hosakote, a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India
  • 2C-YN, an analogue of the phenethylamine derived hallucinogen 2C-E where the ethyl group has been replaced by an ethynyl group.
  • Yn question, an abbreviation for Yes-no question