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YMC (motorcycles and buggies)

YMC (the initials stand for Yiannoulas Motor Company and should not be confused with the initials unofficially used for Yamaha Motor Company) was a Greek brand of vehicles established in early 2000s; the company was member of the Athens-based Yiannoulas Group.

Unlike earlier Greek motorcycle companies, YMC was not a proper manufacturer. It assembled a number of vehicles (scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and buggies) built mostly in China or Taiwan on (frequently) YMC designs, as production costs in Greece were considered too high; only specific parts for some models were actually made in Greece. Financial problems forced the company out of business in 2011.


YMC may be an abbreviation for:

  • Yale Model Congress, USA
  • Young Magicians Club, United Kingdom
  • YMC (motorcycles and buggies), vehicle manufacturer from Greece
  • Ye Maaya Chesave, a 2010 Telugu film.