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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yis \Yis\, adv. Yes. [Obs.]

``Yis, sir,'' quod he, ``yis, host.''


adv. (eye dialect of yes English)


Yis may refer to:

  • Yokohama International School
  • Yangon International School
  • Yi people
  • YIS (band)
  • Yours In Scouting

Usage examples of "yis".

How yis move, yeh know is more important than how yis sing, Jimmy told them.

Youse are so beautiful tae yir pals, ah love the wey thit yis aw look eftir each other, ah kin really feel that comin fae yis n ah kin pick up aw that cause bein a twin makes ye mair sensitive .

Such governments taught people a hundred ways to say yes and none to say no.

If Emily Ko said yes to a date, surely his life would be changing for the better, and change should never be entered into lightly.

There was humid rainforest, yes, but there was also lots of brush and meadow in the valleys.

Band in the World, The Saviours of Soul Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes The Commitments.

Safest, yes, but he found all at once that he could not stomach simple safety, not any more, not with a German for once asking a question of a Jew and sounding as if the answer mattered to him.

Death lurked in the air over Germany, yes, but random death: a flak shell that happened to burst just where you were, or a night fighter coming close enough to spot your exhaust.

The Nazis are bad for this, yes, but anyone who thinks the American governmentand hence its projects like our so-called Metallurgical Laboratory herefree of such preconceived idiocy is himself an idiot.

The rest of the Tosevite empires were barbarous, yes, but their leaders had the sense to recognize that war was a risky business in which things could go wrong, and that both sides were liable to lose prisoners when things did go wrong.

This stuff makes you forgive the Big Uglies for a whole lot of things, yes it does.

They want to be the only ones who can make bombs like this, yes they do.

Young, yes, but an officer all the way: those light eyes were hooded and alert, alive with calculation.

Saukendar: yes, the mercenaries north of the river knew he was abroad.

I did, and she said yes, her husband, like every other member of the Venetian Grand Council, would be attending both the funeral rites for the late Doge and the installation ceremonies of the new one when he had been selected.