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Could not find any definition of word "yir"

Usage examples of "yir".

So ah clear ma throat and dae what ma auld boy always telt me tae dae when yir under pressure in negotiations and ye need tae bullshit.

Ye feel like yir jist wantin it tae go radge now, cause the fuckin tension is unbearable.

Nae point in huvin yir cake if ye cannae fuckin well scran it back, eh, no?

Youse are so beautiful tae yir pals, ah love the wey thit yis aw look eftir each other, ah kin really feel that comin fae yis n ah kin pick up aw that cause bein a twin makes ye mair sensitive .

Ye eywis huv tae pey fir yir fun at some point, and, generally speakin, the mair ye perty, the mair ye pey.

Shut yir fuckin mooth, ya moanin jakey cunt, wuv goat a cairry-oot here, Terry shook the bottles at Alec.

It wis pride in yir toon or village, in whae ye are, whaire ye come fae.