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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1891, possibly from dialectal yip "to cheep like a bird" (early 19c.), from Middle English yippen (mid-15c.), of imitative origin. As a noun from 1896.


n. a sharp, high-pitched bark vb. to bark with a sharp, high-pitched voice


v. bark in a high-pitched tone; "the puppies yelped" [syn: yelp, yap]


Yip, YIP, or yips may refer to:

Yip (nickname)

Yip is a nickname of:

  • Harry Yip Foster (1907-1978), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Edgar Yipsel Yip Harburg (1896-1981), American song lyricist
  • Frank Owen (baseball) (1879-1942), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Frank Yip Owens (1886-1958), Canadian Major League Baseball catcher
  • John Yip Radley (1908-1963), Canadian National Hockey League player

Usage examples of "yip".

Liam eased Norton back to the ground, crouched, and braced himself as Bummer jumped into his lap with a joyful yip.

He kicked his way resolutely upward through an accumulation of trash, and small weird beasties that yipped and hissed and scuttled for doorways at the sight of Chai, and numbers of small blue-skinned children who howled and scuttled for doorways at the sight of Chai.

Eugenie Fonda clamped her knees so emphatically that he yipped and jerked away, drawing an amused glance from a young cowboy across the aisle.

Swiftly, they are upon the pikas, chasing the little rodents, yipping, cutting them off from their burrows, gobbling one or two down for every ten that escape.

Not his deep-throated bark, the one he usually saved for deer who scouted our back field or the raccoons that dared come sniffing around the stoop, but a series of high, yarking yips I had never heard before.

He went to the edge of the bank and, lifting his head, began a series of yips that led into a heart-stopping ululation of wolf song.

Sharamudoi that had seen them off moved out of sight, Wolf sat on his haunches, lifted his head, and gave voice to a few yips that led to a full, throaty howl, shattering the tranquility of the sunny morning.

Lifting his head and starting with a few preliminary yips, he howled his wolf song loud and long.

The ukufa let out a trebling series of yips, ready to leap at the dangling boy.

Then a new scream erupted, pained and garbled amid a yowl of yips and cries.

To her surprise and annoyance, both wild Big Uglies burst into loud barking yips of laughter.

The ruse of stepping foxlike along the barkless logs, balancing, jumping out and landing on another log, made the boys yip with pleasure.

On, too, came the dire Vulgs, but Patrel let fly and struck one a glancing blow on a foreleg, and its yipping howl caused the others to sheer off the attack.

Probably the same one that will sometimes slip up outside my cabin window in the hollow squeaking shank of a strung-out night to suddenly squawl me up out of my swivel chair three feet in the air then disappear into the swamp with yips of ornery delight.

Some boys are wearing them too, and the police are yipping at Trix for encouraging transvestism with psychic repercussions.