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Haheh replied, descending the shadows and bypassing Yie to stand a few yards from Tesla.

Buddenbaum yelled at Tesla, and this time she tore her eyes from the spectacle and turned, only to meet a rush of sour, cold air, and Yie, coming at her.

Somewhere far off she heard Yie shrieking, and knew the power here had claimed him as it had claimed the others.

For Kolder was now Gorm, yes, and more than just the island of Gorm, for within the year stark towers had risen in another place on the coast and a city called Yie had come into being.

With Yie to the south and Gorm to the north, parties from each Kolder post could easily slice in two a peninsula road without greatly bestirring themselves.

Or in that mysterious city of Yie which the Kolder had founded on the mainland coast?

Since the architecture resembled that of Karsten and Estcarp with only minor differences, this could not be that Yie erected by the Kolder.

If this dead port was Sippar, and he had no reason to believe that it was not, then he was now facing that long arm of land on which the invaders had built Yie, ending in the finger of which Sulcarkeep had been the nail.

And, as a big fierce hound will yie to a pampered lapdog that learned to dominate it when it was a puppr so the dragon, trained from hatchlinghood to obey puny men, subside now.