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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yid \Yid\, n. [See Yiddish.] A Jew; -- now (1998) usually considered offensive or contemptuous. [Slang or Colloq.] ``Almost any young Yid who goes out from among her people.''
--John Corbin.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

generally derogatory term for a Jew, 1874 (Hotten, apparently originally British English), from Yiddish use, where it was complimentary (see Yiddish).


Etymology 1 n. (alternative case form of Yid English) Etymology 2

n. (context offensive slang ethnic slur religious slur English) A Jew


YID may refer to:

  • Yunnan Institute of Development
  • Yid

Usage examples of "yid".

This is where the rich Anglos mow their lawns and wash their cars and varnish their boats and fume about the Yids, the Ukies and those darned Indians on welfare, he decided.

You think people prepared to spend time mouthing platitudes over a few miserable Yids did all this?

Gli arabi avevano la saggia abitudine di dare il nome alle stelle in base alla loro posizione nella costellazione di appartenenza, così chiama­rono Alpha Orionis yid al-yawza, cioè braccio del gigante.