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Yian (fictional city)

Yian is a fictional city created by Robert W. Chambers and also referred to by H. P. Lovecraft. In the city, a great river flows under a thousand bridges, it is always summer and the sound of silver bells fills the air. In a portion of The Maker of Moons it is said to lie "across seven oceans and the river which is longer than from the Earth to the Moon." This could possibly imply that it lies in some unknown dimension, the gateway to which lies in the heart of China. It is the place where the Kuen-Yuin reside, along with their leader, Yue-Laou. In its surrounding areas lie "the dead plains of Black Cathay" and "the mountains of Death, whose summits are above the atmosphere" and "Abbadon". The god in Yian is Xangi.

Category:Fictional populated places in China


Yian or Yi'an may refer to:

County or district
  • Yi'an District , Anhui, China
  • Yi'an County , Heilongjiang, China
  • Yi'an Town, Heilongjiang
  • Yi'an, Shijiazhuang , in Luquan, Hebei
  • Yi'an, Laishui County , Hebei
  • Yi'an, Shanxi , in Jiexiu
  • Yian (fictional city), created by Robert Chambers