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n. (context Geordie English) gate


A yett (from the Old English and Scots language word for "gate") is a gate or grille of latticed wrought iron bars used for defensive purposes in castles and tower houses. Unlike a portcullis, which is raised and lowered vertically using mechanical means, yetts are hinged in the manner of a traditional gate or door, and secured by bolts attached to the yett, or by long bars drawn out from the wall or gateway.

Usage examples of "yett".

That wall, that door and iron yett, had been put in place because there were people who needed to be kept out.

She ran down the stairs in the dark and heaved aside the heavy yett at the bottom.

I could not, my heart beat so fast--I bade them follow me, and taking them round by the back road to my garden yett, I let them in, and conveyed them into a warehouse where I kept my bales and boxes.

They started on their legs, and shaking me in a warm manner by both the hands, they hurried away without speaking, nor could I say more, as I opened the back yett to let them out, than bid them take tent of themselves.

The Kirk has made the yett of grace ower wide for sinful men, and all ither yetts ower narrow.

Who for their deeds and martiall feates, As bookes done yett record, Amongst all other nations Wer feared through the world.

At the comming over of Monsieur, there was a French Chirurgion who took in hand to cut it, yett fear stayed her, and his death.

For there was nae boat that could have brought a man, and the key o' the prison yett hung ower my faither's at hame in the press bed.