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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
your/yer man
▪ Boss your men and shame your women; that was a rule of thumb with him.
▪ Ged Taggart scored for Barnsley Taylor told: Wright is your man!
▪ I've read the files on your men.
▪ In that way you got paid whether your man was elected or not.
▪ It sounds like your man Dario was up there too, cool-wise, I mean.
▪ Perhaps your men have uncovered something.
▪ Reinforce this so your man won't feel pressure to become aroused.
▪ Then I am your man, Watson.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yer \Yer\, prep. Ere; before. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

representing a dialectal or vulgar pronunciation of your, attested from 1814.


Etymology 1 adv. (context UK slang or dialectal English) (eye dialect of yeah nodot=11 English), yes. contraction (context UK slang or dialectal English) (eye dialect of you're nodot=11 English), you are. pron. 1 (context UK slang or dialectal English) (eye dialect of your English) 2 (context UK slang or dialectal uncommon English) (eye dialect of you English) Etymology 2

n. Either of the letters ъ and ь in Cyrillic alphabets, which originally represented phonemically the ultra-short vowels in Slavic languages.


YER may refer to:

  • Yemeni rial, the currency of the Republic of Yemen
  • Yale Economic Review, an economics journal of Yale University
  • Fort Severn Airport, which has "YER" as its IATA airport code

Usage examples of "yer".

He kens ye hae dene yer best--or if no yer vera best--for wha daur say that?

Lordy, Lordy, that one geezer on the judging panel about swallowed his false teeth when he saw yer belly button ring.

So I gets a lotter green paint and I paints her stem to stern, and I tell yer she looked A1.

Brer Yalligater float on de water like he aint weigh no mo' dan wunner dese yer postitch stomps, en he try ter drop a tear.

Plague on that Sambo, to kick up his yer row between me and the new hands!

I dochtna bide To hear yer bonnie name, Whaur muckle mous war opened wide Wi' lawless mirth and shame.

Ivanhoe, yer sprung -- yer out in the street widda rest of the goonies.

Ef you are mIK youz thee old whissel an doante bring no une wit yer Ef yO du I wunt be thar.

Rashid quickly caught Ourgi Yeri and carried him in his arms to the back of the hut.

When the time comes and ye fall in love, but yer father gives ye no hope for it, then ye look in the belly of this beastie, do ye ken?

The people who killed yer bruvver are eivver dead or locked up, yer said so yerself.

Missis Lincon,--can she kinder sweep it into a room like my missis,--so kinder splendid, yer know!

Missis Lincon--can she kinder sweep it into a room like my missis,--so kinder splendid, yer know?

Minister askit at ye Elderis for delationes, and desyrit them to try if yer was aney hallowe fyres set on be aney of the parochiners upon a hallarse evine.

The Sunday nicht afore last I was preachin straucht intil yer bonny face, and saw ye greitin, and maist grat mysel.