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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1889, American English, variant of yes, altered for emphasis, or possibly influenced by nope.


adv. yes. n. (context informal English) Yes.

Yep (software)

Yep is a commercial document management computer program, available on Mac OS X.

In its initial stages of development, Yep was named both “Pik” and then “Kip” but was renamed when it was discovered that the former was a registered trademark of another computer program and then the latter was an obscenity in the Norwegian language.

As of version 3.0, Yep runs only on Intel-based Macintosh computers; previous versions were universal binaries, which ran natively on PowerPC and Intel machines.


Yep or YEP may refer to:

  • Yep (software), a document management tool for Macs
  • " Yep!", a 1959 Duane Eddy song
  • Yorkshire Evening Post, a newspaper in England

Usage examples of "yep".

Easy way to get messages, other stuff, when in high-tech areas, yep yep.

Yep, the more he looked at Jasmin Field - and he found himself looking longer and longer - the more he was struck by his uncanny knack for casting.

Yep, search for our first target-the ads for premises-but watch out for that other long shot as you go.

Yep, the shit still had that plastic pill bottle with the child-proof cap.

The door was opened by a small, fat, rosy-cheeked woman whose little currant eyes said, yep, thars my gnome all right, and be thankful he's only widdling in the pond.