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n. 1 (context Southwest England English) A stream or ditch 2 (context dialect English) A ewe


Yeo is an English surname. The name's origins is topographical reference to their place of residency, namely being near a river and derived from the pre 7th Century word "ea" for stream or small river. It is also short for river

Yeo is also the Hokkien spelling of the common Chinese surname Yang 楊 from Singapore and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. It can also be spelt as Yeoh or Yio.

Yeo is also a Korean surname derived from the Chinese surnames Lü (呂), Yu (余), Li (黎), and old Korean surname Yeo (餘) of Buyeo (夫餘).

Yeo (locomotive)

Yeo was one of three narrow gauge 2-6-2T steam locomotives built by Manning Wardle in 1898 for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. Following the railway's closure in 1935 it was scrapped.

Yeo, like all the locomotives on the L&B, was named after a local river with a three-letter name, in this case the River Yeo.

This naming tradition has been continued in the 21st Century, with Lyd (a replica of Lew, the fourth locomotive built to this basic design) operational on the Ffestiniog Railway and the Welsh Highland Railway. It had been intended that Lyd would receive Yeo's original chimney (which survived on a steamroller for 62 years) but it was found to be too corroded for further use.

The naming tradition has also been applied to a Kerr StuartJoffre class locomotive currently running on the revived L&B, which has been named Axe, and a Maffei locomotive named Sid.

A set of frames for a new Yeo were built by Winson Engineering in 2000 and are currently stored waiting for construction to continue when funds are available.

A gauge model was built by Milner Engineering in 1979 and worked in Buckfastleigh before moving to the Gorse Blossom Railway in 1984. In 2009 the loco was purchased by a member of the L&B.

A gauge model was built by David Curwen in 1978 for the Réseau Guerlédan Chemin de Fer Touristique in Brittany, France. When the line closed, it transferred to the Fairbourne Railway in North Wales

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Yeo (disambiguation)

Yeo is a surname.

Yeo or YEO may also refer to:

  • River Yeo (disambiguation), several rivers in Somerset and Devon, England
  • Yeo Valley Organic, a dairy business based close to one of the Yeo rivers in Somerset, England
  • " Yeo Valley Rap", a song from an advertisement by Yeo Valley Organic that entered the UK music charts in 2010
  • Yeo Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • IATA airport code for RNAS Yeovilton (HMS Heron), a Royal Navy airfield
  • Yeo Hiap Seng, an investment holding company commonly known as Yeo's
  • YEO (Young Entrepreneur's Organization), the old name for the non-profit Entrepreneurs' Organization
  • Yeo (locomotive), a British narrow gauge railway locomotive built in 1897
Yeo (hangul)

is one of the Korean hangul. The Unicode for ㅕ is U+3155.

Usage examples of "yeo".

By alder copses sliding slow, Knee-deep in flowers came gentler Yeo And paused awhile her locks to twine With musky hops and white woodbine, Then joined the silver-footed band, Which circled down my golden sand, By dappled park, and harbor shady, Haunt of love-lorn knight and lady, My thrice-renowned sons to greet, With rustic song and pageant meet.

Salvation Yeo, born in Clovelly Street, in the year 1526, where my father exercised the mystery of a barber surgeon, and a preacher of the people since called Anabaptists, for which I return humble thanks to God.

So out went Yeo to eat, and Amyas having received his despatches, got ready for his journey home.

And the old man wrung his hands, while Amyas, bursting with laughter, rode off down the park, with the unconscious Yeo at his stirrup, chatting away about the Indies, and delighting Amyas more and more by his shrewdness, high spirit, and rough eloquence.

Amyas, knowing that there was not an inn hard by around for many a mile ahead, took a pull at a certain bottle which Lady Grenville had put into his holster, and then offered Yeo a pull also.

Small blame to Amyas if he was thinking, not of his lonely mother at Burrough Court, but of those quick bright flashes on sand-hill and on fort, where Salvation Yeo was hurling the eighteen-pound shot with deadly aim, and watching with a cool and bitter smile of triumph the flying of the sand, and the crashing of the gabions.

So Yeo remained with Amyas, while Cary went elsewhere with Sir Warham St.

When Yeo here slew the Desmond the other day, he no more let out a drop of Irish blood, than if he had slain the lord deputy himself.

Come with us, Yeo, the Desmond-slayer, and we will shame the devil, or be shamed by him.

Raleigh gently laid his hand on her arm, and lifted her up, while Yeo and Amyas bent over the corpse.

Out goes Yeo again, and comes back once more after five minutes, in high excitement.

Out turned the men, sword in hand, burst the back door open, stumbling over pails and pitchers, and into the courtyard, where Yeo, his back against the stable-door, was holding his own manfully with sword and buckler against a dozen men.

At which imagination Yeo was actually heard, for the first and last time in this history, to laugh most heartily.

With which maxim he departed next morning for London, leaving Yeo with Cary.

So off went Yeo to Plymouth, and returned with Drew and a score of old never-strikes.