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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bluey/yellowy/browny colour (=a shade of blue, yellow etc)
▪ I like bluey colours best.
▪ He was growing tall and his fair hair was going yellowy.
▪ It was a thin, washed out, yellowy green - just the kind of grass to excite a botanist.
▪ One yellowy hank was swiped forward from the nape of his neck, while the other originated from his luxuriant left sideburn.
▪ The room is dark, but passing cars cast yellowy shadows upon the wall.
▪ There are yellow or yellowy green, slimy and undigested stools.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from yellow (n.) + -y (2).


a. somewhat yellow; yellowish.

Usage examples of "yellowy".

The concoction soon turned yellowy green and gave off an odor that reminded Raif of the Oldwood in spring.

Already the rolls of flesh hanging from his gut had taken on the yellowy gray stiffness of frozen flesh.

He looks at her through the enhancing lens of liquor: thin lips and that unhealthy yellowy color.

Webb and Thelma would go together, both of them yellowy stringy types.

Her body in the lamplight is a pale patchwork of faint tan and peeling pink and the natural yellowy tint of her skin.

He yanked up his yellowy undershirt, exposing two passion marks Norma had given him on the stomach.

In the days when burglary was punished with death, there was very seldom any remission, I was in court one day at Guildford, when a respectably-dressed man in a velveteen suit of a yellowy green colour and pearl buttons came up to me.

Slanting crossways across his forehead were four deep impressions, the skin split, yellowy liquid oozing from the punched-through bone underneath.

On my way home from the junior high, I would sometimes stop at the edge of our property and watch my mother ride the ride-on mower, looping in and out among the pine trees, and I could remember then how she used to whistle in the mornings as she made her tea and how my father, rushing home on Thursdays, would bring her marigolds and her face would light up yellowy in delight.

And then she turned back and saw my mother looking at her, her face lit by the yellowy light of the daffodils.

Jessie and Nikki began by practicing on a couple dozen grapefruit, inscribing shiny yellowy heads with a dense assortment of happy faces, hearts, roses, skulls, and clumsy unicorns that resembled rats with glandular problems.

The view was layered like a cake, in colors almost rich enough to eat, the sleek brown of the river still several miles wide at this point, dark and thick as gravy, teeming with traffic, the motorized longboats quick and buglike, the coal barges, the rafts heaped with yellowy rods of rattan cane, then the lurid green hills and, above, the sky virtually vibrating with blue fire.

It was identical to its neighbours, built of a yellowy brick which must have been glaringly ugly when it was new, but it had weathered to a dull, bilious colour, darkened today by the rain.

A double bed covered by a slippery spread, imitation quilted satin, a dull yellowy pink like the sole of a foot.

The contrail thinned slowly while she stood there looking at it, became a wide streak of yellowy cloud against the blackness, with the field of stars glimmering dimly behind it.