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vb. (obsolete spelling of yell English)

Usage examples of "yel".

The Yel Den promptly sent an invitation engraved on a silver plate, with an emerald at each corner for decoration.

But I tell you, Yel Den Garoujik, that no one, unless he employs sorcerers of the highest degree, will persuade the rulers of this world to agree to such a thing.

But Yel Den, ideas of any size founder upon the rocks of stupidity, as a spice ship on the coastal reefs.

It has been in my family foi generations, even surviving the French occupation, and yel this is the first opportunity I have had to visit.

There was a bright yel low magelight shining like a miniature moon atop each of the poles that held up a canvas flap that served as a kind of sheltered porch for the sentry guarding the tent.

Orders were yelled out, voices thin and reedy to the listeners on the top of the plateau far above.

Rourke yelled from the other side of the ring, which unleashed a burst of shouts in his support from the watching crowd.

Pablito yelled and jumped in front of her as if trying to stop her from leaving.

I had given Rosa a chance to strike me when I yelled at her, but she failed to injure me.

Whoever I was shaking yelled at me in a gruff, masculine voice to shut up.

I felt a sudden shiver and stood up and yelled at them to be quiet with a voice that was not my own.

Ryan yelled, balancing on the balls of his feet like a knife fighter, the gun probing at the air in front of his hand.

Ryan yelled, dropping the useless blaster and sprinting toward the shelter of another group of semiruined adobe houses.

Jago yelled into their ears had pocket-com in hand, as a crew began pulling up movable stairs for their descent.

As the car moved away a pram, several suitcases and a cot swayed perilously on the roof, the children yelled, the dogs barked, the baby bawled, then they were gone.