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n. (obsolete spelling of year English)

Usage examples of "yeere".

Armoryke which ys to seien Britaine ye Lesse and a certayne holye clerke should allweyes beare my fadir on honde that he owghte uttirly for to frusshe ye same, affyrmynge that yt was fourmed and conflatyed of Sathanas hym selfe by arte magike and dyvellysshe wherefore my fadir dyd take ye same and tobrast yt yn tweyne, but I, John de Vincey, dyd save whool ye tweye partes therof and topeecyd them togydder agayne soe as yee se, on this daye mondaye next followynge after ye feeste of Seynte Marye ye Blessed Vyrgyne yn ye yeere of Salvacioun fowertene hundreth and fyve and fowerti.

They were so well stored of biscuit, that for the space of halfe a yeere they might allow eche person in the whole fleete halfe a quintall every moneth, whereof the whole summe amounteth unto an hundreth thousand quintals.

Nation: who did giue me hard vsage, as a Slaue, for well-nigh a Yeere.

Riuer, I was surprized by Indians of another Nation: who did giue me hard vsage, as a Slaue, for well-nigh a Yeere.

Rioer, I was surprized by Indians of another Nation: who did glue me hard vsage, as a Slaue, for well-nigh a Yeere.

Christendome, that the king of Spaine is transported with a mortall hatred against the Queenes Maiestie of England: a witnes whereof is the intended but not performed inuasion of the kingdome, and Dominions of England by the saide king the yeere last past, furthered by him with all his force, but by the mercie of God vtterly disappointed.

Alcobaza, which had been made 120 yeeres before, which map did set foorth all the nauigation of the East Indies with the Cape of Bona Speranca, according as our later maps have described it.

Federici has left us the following note on their trade with Vijayanagar, which I extract from "Purchas's Pilgrims:" -- "The Merchandize that went every yeere from Goa to Bezeneger were Arabian Horses, Velvets, Damaskes, and Sattens, Armesine[335] of Portugall, and pieces of China, Saffron, and Scarletts.

The destinee, ministre general, That executeth in the world overal The purveiaunce that God hath seyn biforn, So strong it is, that though the world had sworn The contrarie of a thyng, by ye or nay, Yet somtyme it shal fallen on a day That falleth nat eft withinne a thousand yeere.

To every wight she woxen is so deere And worshipful, that folk ther she was bore And from hir birthe knewe hir yeer by yeere, Unnethe trowed they, but dorste han swore That she to Janicle, of which I spak bifore, She doghter nere, for as by conjecture, Hem thoughte she was another creature.

Since then, this buisinesse having been turned and varied by many accidents from that I left it at: it is most certaine, after a long and troublesome warre after my departure, betwixt her father and our Colonie, all which time shee was not heard of, about two yeeres longer, the Colonie by that meanes was releived, peace concluded, and at last rejecting her barbarous condition, was maried to an English Gentleman, with whom at this present she is in England.