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alt. (context archaic and Geordie English) you (the people being addressed). pron. (context archaic and Geordie English) you (the people being addressed).


Yee is a surname. It may refer to:

Yee (disambiguation)

Yee is a surname.

Yee may also refer to:

  • "Yee" (song), 2013 single by American DJ/producer Deorro
  • Yee Nunataks, group of scattered nunataks, about 24 miles (38 km) long and 12 miles (19 km) wide, in Palmer Land, Antarctica
  • Yee Hope FC, former Hong Kong football club
Yee (song)

"Yee" is a 2013 single by American DJ and producer Deorro and has appeared in a great number of dance compilations in 2013.

The song charted in a number of countries particularly in Europe. The song also became famous because of "Yee", an internet meme video that runs on YouTube, and includes two dinosaurs that sing along with a rhythm. This meme is taken from a movie called Dinosaur Adventure (2000), of Dingo Pictures.

Usage examples of "yee".

Yee Wung took unto himself a sturdy cane, called in the defaulting Ah Meng, and, having batooned that unlucky servitor with much spirit and satisfaction, kicked him out again, re-locked the door, and mounted upon a step-ladder to search an upper shelf.

Yee knee theer eet ees feerbeedeen tee eese thee Dreeve weetheen three reedeei!

Thrasillus hearing all the matter, and knowing not by what meanes he might end his life, for he thought his sword was not sufficient to revenge so great a crime, at length went to the same Sepulchre, and cryed with a lowd voice, saying: o yee dead spirites whom I have so highly and greatly offended, vouchsafe to receive me, behold I make Sacrifice unto you with my whole body : which said, hee closed the Sepulchre, purposing to famish himselfe, and to finish his life there in sorrow.

Edward Avery, Toyo Biddle, Loren Bussert, Yee Chang, Eric Crystal, Paul DeLay, Timothy Dunnigan, Francesca Farr, Tim Gordon, Glenn Hendricks, Marc Kaufman, Sue Levy, Blia Yao Moua, Dang Moua, Ron Munger, George Schreider, Peter Vang, Jonas Vangay, Doug Vincent, John Xiong, and May Ying Xiong provided helpful background information.

When lie had spoken these words he commanded Mercury to call all the gods to counsell, and if any of the celestiall powers did faile of appearance he would be condemned in ten thousand pounds : which sentence was such a terrour to all the goddesses, that the high Theatre was replenished, and Jupiter began to speake in this sort : O yee gods, registred in the bookes of the Muses, you all know this young man Cupid whom I have nourished with mine owne hands, whose raging flames of his first youth, I thought best to bridle and restraine.

Then the little pismire the emote, taking pitty of her great difficulty and labour, cursing the cruellnesse of the daughter of Jupiter, and of so evill a mother, ran about, hither and thither, and called to all her friends, Yee quick sons of the ground, the mother of all things, take mercy on this poore maid, espouse to Cupid, who is in great danger of her person, I pray you helpe her with all diligence.

Armoryke which ys to seien Britaine ye Lesse and a certayne holye clerke should allweyes beare my fadir on honde that he owghte uttirly for to frusshe ye same, affyrmynge that yt was fourmed and conflatyed of Sathanas hym selfe by arte magike and dyvellysshe wherefore my fadir dyd take ye same and tobrast yt yn tweyne, but I, John de Vincey, dyd save whool ye tweye partes therof and topeecyd them togydder agayne soe as yee se, on this daye mondaye next followynge after ye feeste of Seynte Marye ye Blessed Vyrgyne yn ye yeere of Salvacioun fowertene hundreth and fyve and fowerti.

Yee Wung descended to his subjacent cubiculum, and there upon his ancient person worked such wondrous changes that his mother--had that excellent heathen lady been alive--would have repudiated him as of alien race.

But ever since Jerry Hall and Sandra Yee had shown in 1991 that a synthetic zona pellucida could be coated onto egg cells, human cloning had been theoretically possible.

As soone as he was entred in he said, God speed yee souldiers of Mars and my faithfull companions, I pray you make me one of your band, and I will ensure you, that you shall have a man of singular courage and lively audacity : for I had rather receive stripes upon my backe, then money or gold in my hands.

He dared not let go of Pu Yee, for that would mean an avalanche of knives from the hatchet men.

Then various noodles had been served- pancake noodles, yat ga mein, mun yee noodles, war won ton, beeflo mein, yee fu noodles, and gorn lo won ton, tubs of them!