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abbr. yard, a unit of length. alt. yard, a unit of length.


YD, or Yd may refer to:

  • South Yemen (ISO 3166-1: YD)
  • Yard (Yd.), a unit of length
    • Square yard (Yd²)
    • Cubic yard (Yd³)
  • Nissan YD engine
  • USS YD-43, later name for
  • Yarmouth–Dennis Red Sox, or Y-D Red Sox
  • Younger Dryas

Usage examples of "yd".

He fiasea ohoa wir ,fscr Iostsnnw,len ncfh ot a dnl hss cr peod,e ahedc r ydbedroop,dc r ydper, orel hol sstlingisscry fts.

After Prince Yder allowed the seraph of an arch rival to not only discover the Karsestone's role and location, but to come so close to stealing it, I am sure she will find a safer place to hide it.