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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ybe \Y*be"\, obs. p. p. of Be. Been.


vb. (past participle of be English)


YBE may refer to:

  • YBE, a "Young Black Entrepreneur"
  • "Y.B.E.", a song on the 2000 hip-hop album H.N.I.C. by Prodigy of Mobb Deep
  • ybe, the ISO code for the Western Yugur language in China
  • YBE, the "Year's Basic Exemption" in the Canada Pension Plan
  • The ICAO code for Stewart Aviation Services, United States

In places:

  • YBE, the IATA airport code for Uranium City Airport in Canada

Usage examples of "ybe".

Y aarmmeousWeiyndsthther d wepna stneonsvesY aarmmeousW iwaar ybe ier itd and l.

Maybe ybe USARPAC had a local rule that lieutenant colonels be so identified.

Ybe Purport of which Message was that on nursday Evening the 9tb Instant the Regulators to the Number of two nousand surrounded his Camp, and in the most daring& insolent Man ner required the General to retreat with the Troops over the Yadkin River, of which he was then within two Miles.