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interj. (eye dialect of yes English) pron. (eye dialect of yous English)

Yas (disambiguation)

Yas or YAS may refer to:


Yaser Bakhtiari (; born 1982 in Masjed soleyman), better known by his stage name Yas , is an Iranian rapper. Yas is the first rapper authorized to perform by the Iranian government, and became one of the most popular rappers in Iran. Yas, who raps in Persian, states he was heavily influenced as a young man by Tupac Shakur albums brought back to Iran by his father, as well as the Classical Persian poetry. On December 21, 2011 Yas was chosen by the voters as the Artist of the Week in MTV IGGY entitled "Tehran’s Hard-Hitting MC".

Yas has been interviewed by the media, including CNN and BBC.

Yas (yacht)

Yas is a private superyacht built by ADMShipyards of Abu Dhabi and launched in 2011. At in length she is one of the largest motor yachts in the world.

Named Swift141 during development, Yas is based on the hull of a former navy frigate. The HNLMS Piet Hein, a Kortenaer-class frigate of the Royal Netherlands Navy was launched in 1978 and sold to the United Arab Emirates Navy where she was operated under the name Al Emirat. A second frigate of the same class is undergoing a similar conversion: the HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen, renamed Abu Dhabi and Swift135.

Usage examples of "yas".

Hristomilo, rubbing together his disgusting clubhands much as Slivikin had his, cried chucklingly, "What Slev yas lost, my magic has re-won!

Once he did ask me what the weather had been like the day before, when I had been down to Yas Island or somewhere, and afterwards the remark stuck in my mind, because it had been a thundery sort of day and something in the words he used were well informed for a bank clerk.

Yas, I kno' yer brother— leastways hev seen him an' heerd heeps about him.