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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yare \Yare\, a. [OE. yare, [yogh]aru, AS. gearu; akin to OS. garu, OHG. garo, G. gar, Icel. gerr perfect, g["o]rva quite, G. gerben to tan, to curry, OHG. garawen, garwen, to make ready. Cf. Carouse, Garb clothing, Gear, n.] Ready; dexterous; eager; lively; quick to move. [Obs.] ``Be yare in thy preparation.''

The lesser [ship] will come and go, leave or take, and is yare; whereas the greater is slow.
--Sir W. Raleigh.


Yare \Yare\, adv. Soon. [Obs.]
--Cursor Mundi.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"ready, prepared," Old English gearo "ready, prepared, equipped," from gearwian "to equip, prepare" (related to gearwe "clothing, dress") from Proto-Germanic *garwian "to make, prepare, equip, ready, complete" (see gear (n.)). Cognate with German gar, Dutch gaar. Related: Yarely.


a. 1 (context archaic English) ready; prepared. 2 (context UK dialectal English) ready, alert, prepared, prompt. 3 eager, keen, lively, handy; agile, nimble. 4 (context nautical of a ship English) Easily manageable and answering readily to the helm; yar.

Usage examples of "yare".

Kell, Pedro Navarro, and Duncan Yare are authorized to board for immediate passage to Earth.

The boat gathered way, heading for the riding lights of the Yare where she stood out from Nantucket Town's breakwaters.

Then when the Yare and the Bentley were both out beyond the breakwaters, Walker gave her the finger and sailed east.

At a shipyard, whose master we caught just locking his gate to leave, we found a yare little caravel he'd just refitted, with a stout four-oar skiff aboard her.