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Carla Nazih Berkachi (born June 1, 1983), commonly known as Yara , is a female Lebanese pop singer. Yara started her musical career with the ballad "Hob Kbeer". in 2006, Yara joined Fadl Shaker in a duet called "khedni ma'ak" which was written by Tarek Abou Jaoudeh. In 2009 she joined Jean-Marie Riachi for the album Belaaks with the song "Shefto min biid" ("I Saw Him") in Lebanese dialect.

Yara (genus)

Yara is a genus of beetles in the family Hydroscaphidae, containing the following species:

  • Yara dybasi Reichardt & Hinton, 1976
  • Yara vanini Reichardt & Hinton, 1976
Yara (disambiguation)

Yara may refer to:

  • Yara (given name)
  • Yara (film), a 1998 Turkish film
  • Yara (genus), a genus of beetles
  • Yara (mythology), a figure in Brazilian mythology
  • Yara (telenovela), a Mexican television series
  • Yara, Cuba, small town and municipality in Granma province
  • Yara International, a Norwegian chemical company
  • YARA, the airport code for Ararat Airport, Victoria, Australia
Yara (given name)

Yara or Yarah is a feminine given name of multiple origins and meanings. Yarah in Arabic means "precious ruby" or "romantic music under the moon." In Greek, Yara means "the loved one." In Brazil, Yara means "forest girl" or "water witch." In many Yoruba dialects, Yara means "intelligent" or "teacher" and is associated with passionate personalities. The name Yara may refer to:

Yara (telenovela)

Yara, is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ernesto Alonso for Televisa in 1979. Starring by Angélica María, Jaime Moreno, Alma Muriel and Eric del Castillo.