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Yano is a Filipino folk/ punk rock band formed in 1993. The band members were originally composed of Dong Abay on vocals and Eric Gancio on guitar. Onie Badiang later joined them to play bass. Nowie Favila was the usual drummer but declined to join the group due to commitments with Ang Grupong Pendong. Other drummers of the band included Nonong Timbalopez, Harley Alarcon and Jun Nogoy. The band got their name when Abay looked through an entry in "Talahulugang Pilipino", an old Tagalog dictionary. "Yano" in Tagalog means "simple", a term often used by Tagalog speakers in the priovince of Quezon. The group disbanded in 1997 after Abay left the band.

In 2007, Gancio revived Yano as a one-man band, although he continued to use sidemen as backing musicians for live performances. In later years, Gancio while performing vocals and lead guitars is accompanied by JR Madarang on bass and Ronald Madarang on drums. In 2013, Yano released their fourth studio album titled ''Talâ ''(Star).

Yano (disambiguation)

Yano is a Filipino rock band.

Yano may also refer to:

  • Yano (album), self-titled debut album of Yano.
  • 8906 Yano (1995 WF2), an Outer Main-belt asteroid
  • Yano (Ghost in the Shell), a character from Ghost in the Shell
  • USNS Yano (T-AKR-297), a Shughart-class cargo ship
  • Shabono or yano, a hut used by the Yanomami
Yano (album)

Yano, is the debut album of Filipino rock band, Yano. It has 12 tracks and released under Alpha Records in 1994 and re-released under BMG Records Pilipinas in 1998 with additional two tracks from their second album Bawal.

Yano (footballer)

Adriano Belmiro Duarte Nicolau best known for his nickname Yano, is an Angolan footballer who plays as a striker for Progresso do Sambizanga.