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n. 1 (given name female from=Slavic). A romanization of the (etyl bg en) or (etyl ru en) name (term Яна tr=Jána Bulgarian). 2 A river in Sakha (Yakutia), Russia. 3 A member of a North American Indian people who once resided in the eastern portion of the upper Sacramento River valley in California. 4 The now extinct Hokan language of the Yana, best known for a systematic differentiation between men's and women's speech.

Yana (Buddhism)

Yāna ( Sanskrit and Pāli: "vehicle") refers to a mode or method of spiritual practice in Buddhism, and in particular to divisions of various schools of Buddhism according to their type of practice.

Yana (river)
Yana (singer)

Yana (16 February 193221 November 1989) was a British singer famous enough to be regarded as a household name in late-1950s Britain, but whose fame faded fast thereafter; by the time of her death in 1989 she was almost completely unknown except to a few devoted fans, though the Daily Telegraph obituaries page noted her demise and included the obituary in one of its published collections.

Usage examples of "yana".

Each already wore a soft crown of deep brown downy hair, but Yana would have been hard pressed to decide whose nose or cheeks they had.

A superstition really, but since Yana, before conceiving, had thought herself well past childbearing age, it seemed wise to encourage every sort of good luck.

The chaise, which took up a good half of the wall next to the woodstove, had seemed too large and in the way before, but now Yana found it inviting.

She looked exhilarated, as she always did after latchkays, even though Yana thought they must be somewhat draining for her too.

And Yana used the last of her third roll to sop up what little gravy remained on her plate before handing it to whomever would take it.

The Collective Interplanetary Societies-or CIS-under the guidance of Phon Ton Anaciliact, had helped prove that Petaybee, the planet, was a sentient entity, and Sean and Yana had scrupulously held to the tenets provided by the CIS.

Japanese known to Marmion, and Yana and Sean suspected she had financial connections there as well.

Sean and Yana up on that invitation, but Marmion was certain that he would.

Sean and Yana, but her humans were always so busy these days, it took actual claws to get their attention.

They were always trying to settle some new group on Petaybee or bring in some kind of improvements for the good of everyone, as they said, and they kept Sean and Yana hopping night and day just to field all of their chatter.

She had a sense of whimsy, did Yana, and a connection with natural things that had come with her to Petaybee despite her offworld life.

He and Yana ventured as close as they could get to the steaming smoking vent in the ocean, closer than they should have gone, but to no avail.

They had to return to refuel twice, and both times he could almost hear Yana fretting that they had missed Sean at the very moment when they might have saved him.

A seasoned veteran of the Company Corps, Yana was not personally given to bolts of panic.

Johnny Green at the helipad, and Marmie, who promised to make a call that would have what Yana thought she needed loaded and ready to go.