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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Usage examples of "yaki".

I escaped with my life, but some Yaki savage is now wearing my scalp on a belt festooned with the hair of many other men.

She understands why yaki soba noodles in a plastic UFO-shaped container from Japan are intrinsically glorious.

But at last I fell among the Yaki, and, compared to those barbarians, all the dog people are as rabbits.

I remembered having heard of the Yaki from that scalpless elder pochtéatl.

I realized what they would find: that the Yaki marauders and the Guacho-chi runners had arrived in Guaguey-bo at about the same time, and the runners would have been too tired to have put up much of a fight against the savages.

I would have liked to—if I could have managed it without the Yaki seeing me—for they must be the most fearsome human animals in existence, and wonderful to look upon.

In all my years I have known only one man who did meet the Yaki and did live to tell of it, and he was that elder of The House of Pochtéa who had no top to his head.

Only the Yaki can make even brief forays into that desert, and they only because they are more cruel than the desert itself.

But it is known that the Yaki live mainly by hunting deer, and their chief god is the god who provides those deer, the god we call Mixcoatl.

Whenever the Yaki hunters find that the herds are thinning out, they perform a particular ceremony.

Our own beliefs may have given her the idea, for do not forget: Huitzilopóchtli had slain and dismembered Coyolxauqui with no more remorse than a Yaki would have shown.

Why, I would be worse hated and reviled than that cursed Yaki sorceress of whom the grandfather Canautli tells!

But even if that legendary Yaki woman had never really existed, the fact remained that our ancestors had become so bestial and obnoxious that their own people could no longer abide their presence.