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Yaiya, also known as Yaiya Sacasios (née Yaiya Sandra Carola Siekas) born April 15, 1990 in Boden, Sweden is an entertainment artist, songwriter and actor, living in Stockholm. She started performing at the age of 6, won talent shows and participated in Idol (Sweden) 2006. Yaiya won Swedish Radio's national talent show 2008 with Sapphire Sky.

In 2007 a radio station in France released the album Générations 88.2, a collection of 15 CDs described as the best hits 1997-2007, featuring Yaiya's song I'ma Do It (Anyway ft. NewKid). The album also featured artists like Ciara, Timbaland, Brian McKnight, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, D'Angelo, Nas and Swedish rapper Promoe